2nd Annual 12 Days of Christmas!

12 Days of Christmas Rules –
Join us for our second annual 12 Days of Christmas Contest. Here is how it works:

Starting tomorrow, Tuesday December 10, we will post here and on our Facebook page an item each day. **We will not be posting on Sundays.**

We will post the retail price (keep track of it) and we will have a perk associated with each item. The perk is only available for the day it is posted. At the end of the contest (Monday, December, 23rd) you will have until midnight to either email us at upandrunningelpaso@earthink.net or message us on Facebook the total retail price for all twelve items.

If your math is correct, we will enter you in a drawing for a $150.00 gift certificate to use at one of our stores!! Emails to us are due by midnight on Monday, December, 23rd and we will announce the winner of the drawing on Tuesday, December 24, Christmas Eve! (NO LATE Entries and Glenn Sh is not eligible to participate.)

We will not be posting more than once and we won’t be doing a re-cap so you have to make sure you get the retail price within the 24 hour period. Posts will be made in the am so make sure to check our page or website for the item each day. Good luck! ~ Shawn