Getting fitted

Finding you shoes.

Step 1. Gait Analysis

We first have to watch you walk without your shoes.

Step 2. Trial and Error

Some of the shoes we think might work for you, might not!

Step 3. The Treadmill

This is the real test. If they work here, they'll work on the road.

Things to know.

Why us?

Shoes are not “one size fits all.” Your feet are insanely unique, so our shoes are too.

But really, why us?

We’re runners. We wear these shoes ourselves. This is who we are, helping you is just a hobby.

How long does it take?

The gait analysis lasts a minute tops. But your visit will probably take 15-30 minutes total.

Is it free?

It’s free 🙂

I'm not a "runner"

Neither are 50% of our customers.

What about the style?

These shoes are work tools. Style isn’t a priority. But if you insist… we can special order a different color at no extra charge.