Most frequent questions and answers

We don’t recommend anyone buy their running shoes online, not even from us, so we just don’t offer it.

Nope. We also don’t carry Adidas nor Under Armour.

We give every brand a fair chance. Some simply don’t cut it. This could happen for a lot of reasons but they are always with our customers’ best interest in mind.

The gait analysis doesn’t take more than a minute. But your whole visit will take about 15-30 minutes total.

Yup, 10%. For law enforcement too.

It’s a grab bag. There’s 3 dry-fit shirts in there. Some blank, some with something printed on them. $12.

We don’t know. We wish we had a date, but we don’t.

Nope, we can give kids the gait analysis but would have to special order the shoes.

Very very few. Most people that say they need a wide width aren’t in the right shoe at all, so we can still help.

Nope, they’re just as helpful whether you buy ten pairs or zero.

Of course! You’re gonna want to read this.