Men’s Z90



Comfort: That feeling of bliss. Not sore, not achy, not fatigued. It comes from the ideally balanced midsole you get in the Z90. We’ve tuned the Z90 specifically to a walking gait and the balance of forces between heel and forefoot. Whether walking for work, exercise, and or everything you if not running, the Z90’s supple knit upper supports and forgives every feature of your feet. You’ve never experienced walking comfort like this before.

The Vimazi Z90 is biomechanically tuned for maximum comfort and minimum stress whether you’re walking briskly, strolling, or working out at the gym. The patented technology strikes the right balance between heel and forefoot to reduce the stress and fatigue on your feet. The sock design crafted with stretchy engineered mesh makes the Z90 ridiculously comfortable and easy to slip on and off. A low drop, rocker, and flexibility make walking feel effortless.

Ideal for short jaunts, day-long sightseeing, or 10-hour shifts. Hit your daily step count. The Z90 supports you all along the way.


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